June 24, 2021

KenSci is Acquired by Tegria

Brentwood Capital Advisors Serves as Exclusive Financial Advisor to KenSci

Brentwood Capital Advisors (“BCA”) is pleased to announce that it served as the exclusive financial advisor to KenSci, Inc. (the “Company”), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (“AI”) platforms and applications for healthcare, in its recently completed sale to Tegria.

Founded in 2015, KenSci has earned recognition for its AI platform and solutions that integrate the latest descriptive and predictive analytics technologies, which help healthcare organizations modernize their workflows and power a digital, data-driven, value-based healthcare system. KenSci’s customers, including providers, payers, and medical device companies, are bringing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to their operational, clinical and care workflows, improving care experiences and health outcomes. KenSci applications are grounded in responsible and explainable AI models that help healthcare become more efficient, fair, and accountable.

“AI and advanced analytics technology are redefining how healthcare organizations leverage data to transform human health and improve care outcomes. Tegria will enable us to accelerate this transformation at a broader scale, delivering immediate value for our customers.” said Sudarshan Chitre, Chief Executive Officer of KenSci. “BCA has been a trusted partner for KenSci through the entire process. BCA’s team has been a pleasure to work with, their diligent efforts and their consultative approach at every step played a crucial role in helping us get to a successful outcome with Tegria.”

“KenSci has been at the forefront of healthcare analytics, leveraging the latest in predictive and advanced analytics to unlock actionable insights and accelerate transformation across healthcare,” said Jack Jeong, Managing Director and Co-Head of Healthcare Technology Investment Banking, and Amanda Phillips, Director, at BCA. “We look forward to the partnership between Tegria and KenSci that leads to a profound impact on healthcare worldwide.”

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