April 11, 2022

Accelerated Solutions (ARx Healthcare) has Combined with Aspirion Health Resources

Brentwood Capital Advisors Serves as Exclusive Financial Advisor to ARx


Brentwood Capital Advisors LLC (“BCA”) is pleased to announce that it served as exclusive financial advisor to Accelerated Solutions, LLC (“ARx” or the “Company”), a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”) services to hospitals and other healthcare providers, in its recently completed combination with Aspirion Health Resources, LLC (“Aspirion).


ARx was founded in 1997 by Geoff White. The Company, led by CEO Bill Chace and headquartered in Franklin, TN, is a leading provider Business Process Outsourcing services that help companies improve Revenue Cycle Management financial performance.  ARx supports hospitals and outpatient healthcare providers across the nation by leveraging over 100 years of hospital business office operations experience across the leadership team to help clients overcome the challenges inherent in collecting reimbursements.


Combining ARx’s ability to collect aged accounts receivables with Aspirion’s well established market presence in handling challenging reimbursements creates a powerful resource for hospital system and provider clients. The transaction has created a comprehensive platform of support so that hospitals and providers can focus on delivering care to their patients.


“The combination of ARx and Aspirion brings new, strategic capabilities to the company that that are vital to the ever-evolving dynamics of revenue cycle management.  We look forward to leveraging the Aspirion team’s expertise and bringing our own knowledge in revenue cycle management to advance the organization in a purposeful, industry-changing way for our employees, clients, and the communities they serve,” said Geoff White, Founder of ARx. “BCA’s guidance and support was essential throughout the process, and they worked consistently to advocate on our behalf to achieve an optimal outcome for all parties involved. Their expertise and understanding of nuanced M&A processes allowed both Aspirion and ARx to both conclude this transaction as ‘winners’.”


“ARx is a proven leader in the recovery of aged and complex receivables, and the acquisition of ARx will significantly enhance Aspirion’s capabilities in these areas.  We enjoyed working with our long time friends Bill Chace and Geoff White and look forward to the continued success of ARx as part of the Aspirion business.” said Porter Meadors, Director at BCA.


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