Client Testimonials

Dr. Charles "Chuck" Weber

Founder & Chief Medical Officer ,
Family Care Center

“BCA was a critical resource in guiding me through the M&A process, advocating on my behalf for the best possible outcome at every point during the transaction. They served as a trusted advisor as they helped FCC find the right partner for its next phase of growth.”

Brian Duncan

Founder and CEO,
Family Support Centers

“We’ve had a longstanding relationship with L.A. and the BCA team, who provided tremendous advice and guidance throughout every step of this process. I’m confident that together we have found the right buyer to continue to build on the great work we started.”

Larry Reid & Robert Smith

RSource Healthcare

“We’ve had a longstanding relationship with BCA, who advised and guided us through every step of this process. We appreciate their excellent work and dedication to finding the right partner for our employees, partners and shareholders”.

Ernie Clevenger

Co-Founder and CEO,
CareHere, LLC

“We enjoyed working with BCA on this important transaction as they advised and guided us through every step of this process. Their healthcare and transactional expertise played a critical role in structuring, negotiating and ultimately signing a deal with the right partner for our employees, patients and shareholders.”

Bobby Wofford

Springhill Home Health & Hospice

“Brentwood Capital’s strong industry relationships and home health & hospice expertise generated a process that yielded the best outcome for shareholders, employees and patients.”

Tom Liddell

Harmony Healthcare IT

"BCA, our exclusive investment banking advisor, played a critical role in creating a competitive process, articulating the Company’s significant growth opportunity and highly visible future revenue and EBITDA. BCA provided the necessary support and guidance to reach a successful close. Their process yielded a great outcome for shareholders and a strong partner who shares our enthusiasm for the Company’s continued success.”

Gary West

Custom Packaging

“Brentwood Capital Advisors played a critical role in positioning the unique value proposition of Custom Packaging within the corrugated industry and structured a highly competitive process that yielded the best result for our shareholders and employees.”

Dr. Meher Yepremyan

Managing Partner, RCN,
Retina Consultants of Nevada

"BCA, our exclusive investment banking advisor, played a critical role in positioning and defending forward-looking financial results and was instrumental in achieving an outcome that maximized shareholder value. BCA guided us through an extensive diligence process and helped us find an optimal partner with a shared vision for providing clinical excellence.”

Ben Hartmere

InMotionNow, Inc.

BCA played a critical role in advising all of the Company’s constituents through this important transaction that met the needs of both existing and future investors. BCA’s software industry knowledge and transactional expertise played a key role in analyzing and positioning IMN’s strong recurring revenue growth and market-leading position in the vertically-integrated creative workflow market.”

Abb Payne

Camellia Healthcare & Hospice

Brentwood Capital Advisors has been a highly valued and trusted advisor to our company for many years, serving instrumental roles in arranging the capital that allowed us to grow and in this last transaction advising on the sale of our family’s business. During the course of our relationship and these transactions, the BCA team represented us with highest level of integrity and professionalism, provided thoughtful insights and exceeded our expectations in every way. We truly value the timely, sound and objective advice and the day-to-day involvement provided by BCA’s senior investment bankers throughout every step of our sale of process. BCA’s team did a great job articulating our unique value proposition and the benefit of being a multi-state platform, designing and executing on a sale strategy that fostered competitive tension throughout the process and closing a transaction that resulted in the highest value for or our shareholders and best outcome for our employees and patients. I look forward to staying in touch with the BCA team and hope to leverage their expertise on future unrelated business endeavors.

Bill Moore

Comprehensive EyeCare Partners, LLC

“BCA played a critical role in helping position the strong and continuously improving financial and operating results of the three practices, the attractive financial outlook associated with several recently signed large payer contracts and the practices’ strong longstanding market reputation. BCA conducted a highly competitive process that maximized shareholder value and found us the best partner with a shared vision for providing clinical excellence.”

Teri Lepley

Ascend Management Innovations

Ascend Management Innovations LLC made an excellent choice in Brentwood Capital Advisors (BCA) to serve as our exclusive financial advisor for the sale of our company. The BCA team hit the ground running, quickly gaining a comprehensive understanding of our business model and communicating our story and value proposition to potential buyers. The team guided us through every step of the valuation, negotiation, and diligence processes to enable us to close the transaction to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. As important, BCA found a buyer that strongly matched our values and mission-centered approached to both our customers and employees. It was a pleasure working with the entire Brentwood Capital team, they are a first-class organization. The result was a success for all parties involved.

Mike Lindley

Haven Behavioral Healthcare

“Brentwood Capital Advisors helped us identify the best partner that shared our strategic vision. BCA’s strong industry relationships and behavioral healthcare expertise generated a process that yielded the best outcome for existing shareholders and the right partner for the Company going forward.

Kaleim Manji

President and CEO,
Spear Education LLC

Brentwood Capital Advisors was the ideal choice for Spear to find a private equity partner to help provide the skill set and capital to scale our business. From the beginning Brentwood Capital Advisors took the time to understand our business model, product mix, client base, and financial picture. Most importantly they dedicated time to understanding our growth plan so they could find the right partner for us. Brentwood Capital Advisors played a critical role in this very successful transaction and without their granular level involvement we would not have achieved and exceeded our expectations. As a result of this transaction our company is far better positioned to scale and better serve the dental community.”

Ryan Ellefson

Rycan Technologies, Inc.

Brentwood Capital Advisors did extraordinary work for Rycan. I picked a great company to advise me in this process and could not be happier with the outcome. My only regret is not hiring them sooner.

John Rutledge

American Physician Partners, LLC

Brentwood Capital Advisors, our investment banker in this transaction, played a critically important role in the formation of the Company by successfully obtaining acquisition financing along with the growth capital needed to execute our business plan while maximizing our physician partners and management’s ownership.

Michael Schwartz


“Brentwood Capital Advisors played a critical role in this process. They helped us communicate the Company’s unique position in the under-served pediatric dental market; navigate the buyer universe; and negotiate the best terms for our management team. We are pleased with the result and greatly value our relationship with the Brentwood team."

Hal Andrews

RevPoint Health Technologies

Brentwood Capital Advisors, our investment banking advisor, played an important role and conducted a highly-competitive process that generated a great outcome for RevPoint's shareholders. We have a very trusting relationship and benefitted enormously from Brentwood Capital Advisors' expertise and commitment to our success.

Bill Southwick


Brentwood Capital Advisors, our investment banker, played an important role in negotiating, structuring and closing this transaction. We were impressed by Brentwood Capital’s expertise and thoughtfulness in positioning the Company’s strong market position in rehabilitation therapy software and in helping us navigate complex transaction document negotiations and the comprehensive diligence process.

Tom O'Neill

Xtend Healthcare, LLC

Xtend has established our market-leading position by focusing on the diverse needs of each and every client and consistently delivering exceptional results. To further support the next stage of growth, we hired Brentwood Capital Advisors to orchestrate a competitive process that led to a successful recapitalization. We are excited about this transaction and appreciate the critically important role the BCA team played in achieving outstanding results. BCA effectively communicated Xtend’s story and value proposition to potential investors, resulting in a very attractive valuation. We were pleasantly surprised that every member of the BCA team participated in every meeting and conference call. The senior attention, responsiveness and professionalism of the team were critical elements in successfully closing the transaction and achieving our valuation and other key objectives. We enjoyed working with the BCA team and look forward to working with them in the future.