March 13, 2015

One of the strengths of Nashville’s business leaders is their propensity to help others succeed. No matter where you turn, someone is reaching out to help someone else make a connection, improve a product or land a big client. This year’s All-Star Board — check out the 2014 and 2013versions, too — represents only a tiny sliver of the universe of supremely competent advisors in this city. But we think it paints a good picture of the wide range of skills available to entrepreneurs and leaders looking to get better. As in the past, we didn’t just come up with these suggestions ourselves but also sought out recommendations from leaders whose judgment we trust. They didn’t fail us and — if they’re available to you — neither will the members of the 2015 All-Star Board.


Scott Kozicki — Brentwood Capital Advisors

With 20 years of technology and health care experience, Kozicki has a keen eye for changes and disruptions in both industries and is particularly attuned to the evolving space where they intertwine.

Beginning his career in the early dot-com days, Kozicki was co-founder and chief technology officer for BlueStar Communications, the South’s first DSL-based broadband services provider. Built out of Kozicki’s apartment, BlueStar was in 45 markets across the Southeast by 2000, when it was acquired by Covad. Kozicki joined Healthways in 2003 as chief technology officer, establishing the company’s health monitoring infrastructure, then one of the largest in the industry. He spun off his own care management company in 2007, TruuHealth, which catered to self-insured employers wanting to lower their health care costs.

Since then, Kozicki has been involved with business accelerator Jumpstart Foundry and was a co-founder of Jumpstart alum Evermind Inc. In 2011, he joined Verizon Wireless, managing product development and operations. Last year, he entered investment banking as a Brentwood Capital Advisors managing partner.