Firm Overview

  • 1999
  • Year Founded
  • 101
  • Total Transactions Closed
  • $6.5 billion
  • Total Transaction Value
  • $50-$250 million
  • Transaction Value Range
  • 23
  • Total Employees
  • 21
  • Total Investment Bankers
  • 30 Years
  • Average Partner Experience
  • 21 States
  • With Referenceable Customer
Firm Overview

Founded in 1999, Brentwood Capital Advisors is a partner-owned investment bank focused on providing the highest caliber M&A and capital raising advice to rapidly growing healthcare, technology and tech-enabled and outsourced services companies.

Our investment banking professionals have the domain and transaction expertise to help entrepreneurs evaluate, navigate and successfully execute a full range of strategic alternatives. At BCA, your transaction is as important to us as it is to you.

Our Focus

BCA specializes in M&A and private capital raising because the basis of competition is intellectual rather than monetary capital, and the best idea and execution wins. In our focus sectors, BCA competes for and wins these critically important client assignments against any competition.

Our clients’ typical enterprise values range from $50 to $250 million, although we have closed deals as large as $450 million. Most of our clients have at least $5 million in EBITDA; however, we frequently work with high growth companies that are either at or rapidly approaching break-even operating results.